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Green internationalized talent cultivation

Green International Talent Training Objectives
     NTTU aims to form an international green university-cum-GKE industrial innovation center to assist local industries toward the development and transformation of GKE industries. Furthermore, NTTU aims to establish successful models of smart, healthy urban and rural areas and new agricultural and circular economies through integrating interdisciplinary learning paths and driving teaching innovations, research development, and talent cultivation based in wisdom, health, sustainability, and aesthetics through collaborations with local industries.
Green International Talent Training Strategies
  1. Reinforcing interdisciplinary learning and curriculum teaching
         Academic departments are dedicated to the development of courses and programs related to wisdom, health, sustainability, and aesthetics, integrating interdisciplinary learning paths to introduce core occupational capacities and employment paths. These courses and programs also combine the active engagement and investment of local GKE industries in teaching, research, promotion, talent cultivation, and international exchanges.

  2. Enhancing professional skills and learning outcomes
         NTTU will establish a rewards system to form a connected community that enables faculty and students to participate in international green university activities and a campus culture founded on wisdom, health, sustainability, and aesthetics. This rewards system—combined with integrated courses and student groups to conduct guided tours of demonstration sites, GKE industry tours, community tours, and international exchanges—will encourage commitment to specialized creations and achievements and establish learning outcomes. NTTU expects its entire faculty, staff, and student body to have a profound understanding of the international green university initiative and to embrace the principles of wisdom, health, sustainability, and aesthetics in their campus lives.
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