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Environmental Management Policy

NTTU’s Environmental Sustainability & Safety Management Policy
        NTTU president Tzeng Yao-Ming signed and declared the Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Management Policy for campus on Oct 5th, 2018.
Translation of the content of the NTTU Environmental Sustainability & Safety Management Policy
National Taitung University Environmental Sustainability & Safety Management Policy
Approved by the NTTU Committee for Environmental & Professional Safety (Oct. 5, 2018)
In alignment of the University’s tradition of Fairness, Sincerity, Love & Dedication: Affidavit for continuous sustainable development as an International Green University, The school is committed to implementing the following policies:
1. To fully comply with ROC. Government Policies on environmental protection, occupational safety and health related regulations and other related requirements.
2. Further Promotion of Energy Conservation, Carbon Reduction and implementation of Green Initiatives.
3. Implementation of Automatic Inspection, Education Training, and e-Management to prevent disasters and ensure the safety & health of personnel.
University President: Tzeng Yao-Ming
5 Oct 2018