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Green internationalized academic development

Green Internationalization Academic Development Objectives
     NTTU aims to form an international green university-cum-GKE industrial innovation center to assist local industries toward the development and transformation of GKE industries. Furthermore, NTTU aims to establish successful models of smart, healthy urban and rural areas and new agricultural and circular economies through integrating interdisciplinary learning paths and driving teaching innovations, research development, and talent cultivation based in wisdom, health, sustainability, and aesthetics through collaborations with local industries.
Green Internationalization Academic Development Strategies
  1. Establishing academic research and industry–academia collaborations
         Combined with NTTU’s industrial–academic Innovation Park, cloud-based big data services in Taitung, and the pilot plant of the East Taiwan Bio-Economic Center, the University will develop an innovation platform for GKE industries as well as knowledge and virtual integration services to become an international green university-cum-GKE industrial innovation center. NTTU is dedicated to the establishment of teachings and scientific and technological research that support the development of GKE industries, and will continue to assist local industries in their development toward and transformation into GKE industries and promote sustainable development in the region.

  2. Strengthening outcome applications and establishing research features
         NTTU will plan, integrate, and promote feature projects related to wisdom, health, sustainability, and aesthetics and propose a plan that combines governmental and nongovernmental efforts, as well as continue to strengthen research results through interdisciplinary cooperation. Moreover, NTTU will establish regional campus partnerships to bolster domestic and overseas university collaborations and services and extend exchanges and promotions.
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