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The 2015 United Nations Assembly mapped out the “2030 Agenda Sustainable Development”, drawing the blueprint of prosperity and peace for people and the earth. “2030 Agenda Sustainable Development” has seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, making an appeal for every nation to take immediate actions on ending poverty, improving health and education, reducing inequality, motivating economic growth, slowing down the climate change and conserving life both on land and below water before the year of 2030. It’s only possible if the world works together, to solve these closely related issues, that we can reach the possibility of a sustainable development.


The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, also known as SDGs, cover multiple orientations like environment, economic and society. They inspire people to react to the challenges the world currently faces. Multiple top-tier universities all over the world have set SDGs as their ultimate goals. They mobilize and use their knowledge influences to push the development of economic and society, and provide assistance for maintaining the sustainability of the environment.


The four connotations of NTTU, wisdom, health, sustainability and aesthetics respectively, share similar idea and connections with the seventeen SDGs of UN. NTTU will continue to present the distribution of social responsibility and determine the idea of creating sustainable future.