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Goals & Strategy



Green Academic Development and Talent Cultivation


        It is our vision to become an international green university specializing in liberal arts while enhancing and supporting teaching and technological development related to green knowledge economy (GKE) industries. We aim to cultivate talented members of society who are capable and apply what they’ve learned for the benefit of all. We also encourage our teachers, staff, and students to put what they’ve learned into practice and embody the campus culture of Wisdom, Health, Sustainability, and Aesthetics in everything they do thus influencing the community, society, nation and hopefully the world in order to realize the LOHAS lifestyle in the future.



Green Innovation of Institutional Affairs and Professional Services


       Our intelligent, energy-saving and ecologically balanced campus environment supports our teaching and self-learning culture. It is our goal to remain service-oriented professional and passionate. We hope that our academic culture naturally affects and changes all who visit us at NTTU.




 Talent Cultivation



Strengthen Interdisciplinary Learning and Refine Curriculum



       Academic departments develop courses related to Wisdom, Health, Sustainability, and Aesthetics and, by combining disciplinary learning paths, prepare students for core occupational functions and employment paths. The departments shall also work with local GKE industries and proactively participate in relevant research and international exchange programs.



Enhance Professional Skills



      NTTU will establish a reward mechanism and promote a connected community that enables teachers and students to participate in international green university activities. We are also working to build a campus culture based upon Wisdom, Health, Sustainability, and Aesthetics by providing special exhibit venues. We expect our teachers, staff and students to have a profound understanding of the international green university initiative and be demanding of themselves in daily life.


Academic Development



Enhance Academic Research and Promote Industrial-academic Cooperation



       NTTU will combine its industrial-academic Innovation Park, cloud-based big data services in Taitung, and Pilot Biotechnology Factory of Eastern Taiwan’s Bio economic Center to develop an innovative platform for GKE industries and knowledge virtual integration services. By building an international green university and GKE industry innovation center, NTTU will continuously assist local industries in the development of green endeavors and promote a sustainable development in the region.



Enhance Applications of Research Findings



       NTTU will promote featured projects related to Wisdom, Health, Sustainability, and Aesthetics while working with governmental and non-governmental institutions. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, NTTU will continue to deepen our research results, establish regional partnerships, and enhance international academic exchanges.


Professional Services



 Participate in Social Services and Care for Local Minorities



       With one-stop logistic management in mind, NTTU will create practical effects in the region and enhance ties with local tribes and establish an indigenous language learning center which cultivates indigenous language teachers and offers indigenous language courses.



Intelligent Campus



       On the premise that the campus buildings comply with the green building label, NTTU is continuously developing itself as an innovative campus with the autonomous learning culture. This not only enhances the health sustainability of NTTU, but is also gradually building an intelligent, healthy, sustainable, aesthetic, safe, diverse and international learning, working and living environment. We are also encouraging our teachers and students to plunge into intelligent green campus related teaching and research. In our efforts to enhance NTTU’s management efficiency as an international green university we are also working to develop a decision intelligence system for academic affairs and build a long-term tracking and improvement mechanism. This will enable NTTU’s administration and academic departments to take the initiative to professionally and passionately implement all campus management measures.



Aesthetic Campus



       Flanked by mountains and the ocean, NTTU has incorporated the aesthetics of public art in our campus design to echo our geological location and stay true to the characteristics expected of an international green university. The Eastern Taiwan Humanities Innovation Base was established therein to create an aesthetically stimulating environment and teach the arts and culture. We strive to promote artistic style and to facilitate art and cultural exchanges that enhance our teachers’ and students’ artistic and cultural literacy.


Innovative Institutional Affairs



Healthy Campus



       NTTU will enhance the safety and health management of its laboratory including all toxic and chemical substances to prevent potential disasters and protect the safety and health of teachers, staff and students. We have constructed a friendly campus environment by implementing the idea of barrier-free building. We are also dedicated to complying with all health and safety regulations, including RF electromagnetic environments. The computer work environment at NTTU complies with ergonomics and anti-fatigue regulations to foster cognition in computer-tailored health behaviors, helping to prevent ailments caused by the long-term use of computers. Further, we have enhanced the management of our food environment and sanitation while promoting a healthy dietary culture to facilitate everyone’s health.



Sustainable Campus



NTTU will promote energy- and water-saving measures on all of its campuses to reduce the consumption of electricity and water, promote waste reduction and protect the campus ecological environment to ensure that it complies with the principles of ecological protection while beautifying the campuses.






To bring our influence into full play, we aim to promote study abroad and overseas relocation teaching programs. NTTU has promoted international exchanges by holding international Austronesian summer camps, accompanying students who study or participate in exchanges abroad and conducting pilot English teaching classes. NTTU has an internationally friendly campus and participates in international assessments for green universities to increase our visibility as an international green university.